11 most bizarre restaurants in Asia

Many Asian restaurants and cafes impress visitors with its unique and horror style.

Here are 11 unique restaurants in Asia with unique concepts, decorations, and food.

Hospitalis restaurant, Indonesia


Visitors are served in a style as in a horror hospital with staff dress as nurses. You can enjoy the Organ Surgery Parfait (left) with strawberry juice and ‘finger’ cream or Chicken Palm Pruritus with the main ingredient is chicken molded into the hand.

Modern Toilet restaurant, Taiwan


At a restaurant in Taipei City, visitors are served brown and pastry dishes in small toilet bowls. Seats in the restaurant are also designed like toilet seats.

Ocean Restaurant, Singapore


Located in World Sentosa Resort, Ocean Restaurant serves dinner in the under-the-sea space, with hammerhead sharks, rays or sharks swimming around.

Kaethy the Witch, Thailand


Kaethy the Witch is considered as one of the most famous place to organize Halloween events in Bangkok. On this occasion every year, the cafeteria serves handcrafted cakes on a horror theme, causing many visitors to panic.

Snake Café, Japan


Instead of cuddling cute pets such as dogs or cats, visitors will have the opportunity to experience a snake crawling on their hands or neck when visiting this unique coffee shop in Tokyo.

Pan De Amerikana restaurant, Philippines


All things of the restaurant in Quezon City are arranged in upside down, which creates new space for the guests. Pan de Amerikana is considered as the first and only upside down restaurant in Southeast Asia.

Castella Cafe, Malaysia


Situated about 450km from Kuala Lumpur, the Castella café in Gerik has a very special atmosphere. Customers sit and enjoy food with feet dipping under the water of the Beruk River. Guests can have their feet pampered while enjoying a morning coffee at this unusual restaurant.

Robot Restaurant, Japan


Starting its operation in 2012, the restaurant in Tokyo's entertainment and commercial district of Shinjuku is an interesting place for travelers to enjoy both food and drink and take part in entertainment activities.

Paintbar Bar, Thailand


The bar in Bangkok is impressive when it comes to combining culinary arts with painting. Here you can enjoy a glass of Champagne while painting. Customers are always supported by a professional artist.

Cafe Dei Restaurant, Cambodia


The restaurant in Phnom Penh, opened in 2016, serves traditional style dinners of local people in Ratanakiri and Mondulkiri. Fish dish here is baked in bamboo tube.

Catpuchino Cafe, Myanmar


Situated in the city of Yangon, Catpuchino is the first cat cafe in Myanmar. Here, customers can enjoy coffee while playing with 27 cats of 10  different breeds. They are mainly imported from Russia.

By: Alan Smith

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